ISACA – Business Lunch

ISACA – Business Lunch Tomorrow i am invited by Paul O’Brien, a director at Solute Consulting, for the „Val IT business lunch“ organized by ISACA. As […]

Anything new in Appleland?

Anything new in Appleland? Anybody watched the keynote from Mr. Steve ‚I am the best presenter in the world‘ Jobs last night, announced  as a special […]

Customer Support Strategies

Customer Support Strategies and again, what to learn from Apple.   After another great keynote from Apple’s CEO yesterday in the US, where he presented the […]

What to learn from Bill, Hillary and John

What to learn from Bill, Hillary and John As Project Managers me have to do quite a number of presentations, whether its to present our status […]

Permissions to go out

Permissions to go out As Project Managers you need to spend some days / evenings away from home, going out with clients, with the team, with […]

Co-Conferencing or not

Co-Conferencing or not Looking back to the PMOZ 2008 i found another interesting article / post on the web that describes a different experience around the […]

The Phone for iProjectManagers

The Phone for iProjectManagers So many articles have been published around the iPhone. Hitting the market at June 29th 2007 more than a year has passed. […]

Free Project Management Method

Free Project Management Method Everybody knows project methods that are very good but you need to pay for them and purchase the whole lot or bits […]

PMOZ 2008 – Video of presentation "Project Health Checks"

PMOZ 2008 – Video of presentation "Project Health Checks" After attending the PMOZ 2008 Conference in Melbourne for two days, I was now able to convert […]