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Change is Key - Frank French

Change is key, this is the title of a presentation by the current PMI Frankfurt Chapter President. Based on his experience he is giving us 10 Impressions what for him is important and gave him a balance between that 'hard job' project management and his overall life.


Under the term Project Management an Zen these are the 10 Impressions:

  1. Identity - Who am I ? and Who are you?
  2. Timeliness - What to DO at the right TIME?
  3. Vision - Visualize your FUTURE?
  4. Simplicity - What is Priority -> Focus on the Top 3?
  5. Overcoming Worries - Accept Responsibility and Relax!
  6. Hierarchy and Individualism -> You own your career!
  7. Team Play - Players win Games and Teams win Championships
  8. Missed number 8
  9. Motiviation
  10. Passion

Bottom Line for him its about the inner Balance, Know your Destination by looking at your way down and going back home.

Projects are people.

His last words in an engaging presentation. Thanks.

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