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interPM - Project Management in Glashuetten

Some of you might ask, where the f&$k is Glashuetten....

It's a small little cute town in the 'hintertaunus' a hilly country side close to Frankfurt Germany. Thats where the yearly small boutique project management conference is taking place, hosted by the largest project management organisation in Germany, the GPM (Gesellschaft für Projekt Management).

The concept is a little different from other conferences, as collaboration and different formats are being used to bring participants together and let them interact in different ways. The 'open space' format, where attendees can decide on the topic they want to discuss and the 'interdisziplinaere werkstatt' are to formats that foster a different way of communication and result and interest driven collaboration.

To set the scene and to provide impulses 40 minutes presentation are being held in three streams. This years overall topic was about the balancing act between agile and the industrial approach.

I was there to present and my talk had the title 'Gelungener Spagat zwischen Agilität und Wasserfall am Beispiel der SAP Einführung bei der Deutschen Bank AG'

Der Vortrag beschreibt am Beispiel der SAP-Einführung bei der Deutschen Bank, unter welchen Voraussetzungen agile Methoden innerhalb eines klassischen Projektansatzes (Wasserfall) eingesetzt werden können. Er skizziert den Kontext des Gesamtvorhabens und die Herausforderungen, die zu meistern sind, erläutert die kritischen Erfolgsfaktoren und konkrete Vorgehensweise sowie deren Vorteile.

Loved the talk, loved the reaction and resonance to it and I am looking forward to present it in other formats and to various audiences in the near future.

About 100 people from what I was seeing attended the conference. How ever the big plus is the book that is being produced and published and handed over to all participants based on the abstracts that each presenter had to provide upfront. A USP that I haven't seen at other conferences so far. Far more valuable and haptical different to DVDs or printouts that usually are provided. Thx for that.

Looking forward to attend next years conference again.



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