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What's new in the PM World

I am just wondering, what has changed in the recent past in project management and what has been really new? To be honest, not much.


In the last 2 years I have visited a couple of project management conferences and I have presented on some, I have facilitated workshops, chaired whole conferences and gave presentations on several topics. What I have realized, especially in the break out sessions that we talk stuff over and over ... and over. We dig deaply into Risk Management, Communication Management, Stakeholder Management, Quality Management and all other interesting topics around our micro cosmos. But really new stuff ... I have'nt seen it.

OK, you might say ... Agile ... ! Yes, but isnt agile just a rapid waterfall with a different terminology?

OK, you might say ... Web 2.0 ... ! Yes, it has changed and will change the way how we communicate among teams, especially in a global and outsourced world. But is this anything new to Project Management?

Even PMI shows with their new credential programs, that they are going 'more detail'. The PMI Risk Management Specialist, The PMI Scheduling Professional and more to come. The techniques and the terminology are enhanced but is there anything new to it?

Unfortunately a project is a project is a project. And project management compared to whats happening in the web 2010 and the dynamic thats happening in that field might look very boaring from the outside.

How ever, I am glad that there are projects! Which are not boaring at all, as every project is different and has it's own challenges.

So lets do projects.




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