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What do you do if a talk does not resonate

One of the last talks I would like to share is the one from Russel Archibald about 'Leading and Managing Projects through Innovation'. 


The talk was full of content, the slides full of text and the presentation a little, lets say, colorless.

By using the sketch note technic over the last two days, i realized that structure of a presentation is a supportive element when you start sketch noting. Second, you need great talks that have an impact, and inspiring elements that resonate. The elements that resonate you put down in pictures and text and structure and let the creativity flow. And the results are inspiring pictures you are proud of and that you want to go back to.

How ever, if view things resonate, what do you do if you can't fill the page.

My answer to that is:

Leave it half empty.

At least I got two tools out of the presentation and put them down in the sketch note.

One about Success with leaders and how to put them in quadrants based on their interest in projects and the authority they might have on the project.

And the second approach is my view which I have out beside the one from Russel,  how to put them in different quadrants based on their influence and support. An approach, which I find is far stronger and is more relevant. Especially in Turn Around Projects. And will be explained in our book www.turnaround.pm

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