2008-09-26 0 975


Here is the weekend mix:


  • Some ideas if your are looking for inspiring business cards can be found here (some great ideas, the I like the clip and the nuts) - via Neil Patel
  • If you are looking for more time in your life and do not know where to get it from here are the tips - via Neil Patel
  • If you speak German and would like to know why big IT projects often fail and not a game of luck, check out the new survey from Roland Berger with some interesting thoughts - via Projectmanagement blog
  • Going back to the conference an interesting article by Demian Entrekin about Project Risk management where he finds it hard to separate Risks and Objectives but realizes that Risk Management becomes more critical - via IT Toolbox
  • Interesting "Estimation Mindmap" by Meade Rubenstein which gives some ideas how to estimation based on several approaches
  • and last but not least, if you are looking for an open source tool to manage your risk check out this one - via IT Project Guide

Enjoy the weekend.



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