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Via Education ahead of the curve

Wow, just came across this one. There is a PMI Chapter in Canada, Calgary, (Souther Alberta Chapter) that has just organized a Conference with more than 500 project managers to attend. Everybody who has ever organized an event or a conference does know how much efforts gos into it. Venue, Speakers, Registration, the whole caring about delegates, accommodation, sponsorships, guidelines, speakers and their papers, website, content, etc etc etc.


So these guys now managed to organize the whole conference called PMI SAC Conference. Even if the program looks great by covering all areas of leadership, coaching, influencing, self-promotion and how to create winning projects. A two day conference for less than a 1.000 Dollars.

Program packed with good stuff and great presentation on the website with all the details.

Neil Sanderson, President of the Local Chapter is reffering to the demand on well trained project managers.

There is no lack of work all over the world for professional project managers. There is always a huge demand for professionally trained project managers, and, in these uncertain economic times, the demand is even greater.

I heard these things for the last 3 month a couple of times. When the going gets rough the tough gets going. Meaning that if there is a downturn in economy, projects are getting cut and therefore he demand is slowing down the demand for training is getting higher. As the Project Manager has the time to train as well as needs to catch up with certifications and special skills and has to get ahead of the 'competition'.

Richard Egelstaff referred to that in his presentation at the PMI Queensland Chapter in September this year and mentioned that now is the perfect time to attend training. And whether its a training course or a conference the result will put you as a potential candidate for a role ahead of your competition applying for the same role.

How ever, great example how to organize a very successful conference and how to create a great website supporting that initiative.



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