2009-11-20 0 835

Torsten on Facebook

After years with XING and LinkedIn and after getting my iPhone working I started a new account on facebook. It took me, I guess, almost two years after i sign up with them.


A great experience.

After signing up and after using my email accounts to identify the first friends, the mails just kept on coming. One after the other was accepting my friend request, every secong send a personal note and after that the momentum kept on going. Unbelievable the vibe, stil and dynamic of the communication that is happening.

Its completely different to the communication dynamics that are happening on XING and LinkedIn. Not that it is more personally but direct in a sense of almost realtime. The reason is that facebook is communication centric. Its about sharing, commenting and 'like'ing information others, like your friends are providing.

The iPhone application rocks and is in some parts even better and user friendly than the facebook website frontend. By the way its on of the best rated iphone apps in the store.

So lets keep the communication going and visit me on facebook.



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