2008-10-07 0 1799

TJTV - Andrew Pierron

Cliftons (www.cliftons.com) is one of the known providers in training and event facilities here in Brisbane and in Australia. I took this as a reason to talk to Andrew Pierron, the Queensland and Northern Territory State Manager, to talk about Cliftons history, current service offerings and future outlook. 


Some interesting thoughts and visions as well as current service offerings have been highlighted in the talk, for example I didn't know that Cliftons provides full equipped project bureaus to their clients. We all know how hard it is to find a lockable space for a couple of weeks or months to "lock in" a project team to do their job. Also Cliftons is partnering with other facility providers in QLD and the NT to provide quality proven services across the state. Just listen to the interview on TJTV and get the idea from somebody who migrated to Australia for quite similar reasons than I did. Enjoy.



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