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Tips on 'Feedback'

Just received an interesting email from Dominic Siow one of the great presenters in the Australian Project Land. He also run's the website www.avantgardelife.com.au. In his email he is providing tips on how to provide and give and receive 'feedback'.


Dominic mentions that ...

... feedback is "the breakfast of champions". Indeed it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to influence and reinforce change. This can apply to an employee, project stakeholder, child or even a friend!

The key tips are summarized and paraphrased by Dominic out of the Book 'Top Performance' by 'Zig Ziglar':

TIP #1: Be observant and on the constant look-out for the good in others. Reinforce positive behaviour and changes, however small, immediately. Feedback is most effective when it's timely.

TIP #2: Offer feedback that is specific and sincere.

TIP #3: Use the "feedback sandwich".

TIP #4: Criticize the performance, praise the performer.

TIP #5: The most important measure of the effectiveness of your feedback piece is - what emotional state have you left the recipient?

Read Dominic's weekly distributed tips here.



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