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Story Telling … Short Stories

The last and final talk, brought to us by Peter Beck, a non native Story teller, talking about short stories that help scrum teams to perform better.


He has good a four point principal which he tells us after he created a fireplace atmosphere:

  1. Be clear about your message
  2. Have a true story about yourself
  3. Prepare it well
  4. Deliver it well

He took us through several exercises that were going though the following items. He talked for about 2 minutes, he asked us to think about a story for 1-2 minutes and then tell it to our neighbor. While he was talking he was giving us examples. How ever, how do you do that, if you are just not a good story teller in a foreign language.

How ever, I think that the approach at least was something for me and sharpens the approach how I will think about stories.

Sketch notes attached.

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