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Sometimes a project feels like a paragliding twist

In a project sometimes it might feel that your are flying with almost max G-Force and you are getting dizzy because of whatever situation and reason:
Close to go live the momentum accelerates and everybody is spinning like hell to make it.
In the middle of a project you have to go back from red and find mitigation measures and trying to juggle everything.
The team building exercises are so successful that you team feels like an unorganized ants hill
and there are many more situations you might feel dizzy
like when you forgot to drink throughout the day because you are so busy.
So here is a simulator (G-Force Trainer) to make sure you are prepared for those kind of situation and fit enough to not pass out. This simulator can be tested at Sky Club Austria in Austria close to Schladming.


Thanks Walter, for pointing this out to me and make it happen.




  1. Sebastian sagt:14. Dezember 2011 um 18:00 (Editieren)
    Das kann ich nur zustimmen!

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