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Recent Past - Paragliding

Just came across this while I was cleaning up some up of my local drive.


Three years ago we have been with friends at the "Grosser Kopf Westerwald", Germany, in the middle of the winter to try the new paragliding site that has just opened a couple of month prior to that. Meanwhile the site has been closed i guess.

We took our small video camera (built in functionality of a digital camera), recorded some videos on our way up and "the way down". We also tested some software for the first time and have been working on some video cutting ... . 

Just see the result here.




  1. Holger sagt:18. Oktober 2008 um 12:29 (Editieren)
    I love this movie. Especially because i know that that was a 1-minute-flight after 1 hour of parawaiting. Greeting from "The Portal" in Lone Pine, CA.

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