2009-11-20 1 936

Quiet? Not any more!

Has been quiet over the last 12 month.

Two many things have happened and kept me and my family busy. We havre relocated from Australia back to Germany. I hav started a new role with Deutsche Bank beginning of this year. We are expecting a new family member in January 2010 and beside that i am currently busy in writing two new books.
How ever, the will not be a restart but ongoing posts on this blog in the future.
Looking at the Australian Project Management Community and of course the German and European one. But not missing the rest of the world.
So please expect posts in Englisch and in German in a mixture, depending on the source I am writing about.
Have fun, stay with me and looking forward to step back into a coversation.




  1. Margot sagt:23. November 2009 um 21:25 (Editieren)
    Great to hear from you again. Looking at your site gives me some ideas for mine.

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