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PMOZ 2009 - call for papers

PMOZ 2009 is calling papers. PMOZ is a well established Project Management conference within Australia that will get together again in 2009 in the Australian Capital Canberra from the 10th to the 12th of of August 2009 in the National Conference Centre.


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I have attended the PMOZ 2007 at the Gold Coast and and PMOZ 2008 in Melbourne and have always taken away something. I have met great people working in the same profession, learned about new trends, step deeper into existing skills and I also had a great time during the breakouts. Presenting was also a very good option to get yourself out of the comfort zone and to expose yourself to others that are interested in your topic. A great and easy way in getting known to new people as they most likely will approach you after a speech.

What we can see from the website that PMOZ got a new CI (Corporate Identity) that is now in sync with PM Global.

So the call for papers is on. Make sure you secure your spot as slots are running out quickly.

Please download the brochure here and understand what to do to be accepted.



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