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PM Podcast - Control Yourself when Working with Jerks

The PM Podcast, compiled by Cornelius Fichtner, is an institution already. 106 episodes have been produced and broadcasted to a wide audience for years.
This new episode, episode 106, is about how to Control yourself when working with jerks. The Author comments it like this:


Well... we have all been in this situation on our projects and luckily, there is help there is help just around the corner. And that help comes to you in the form of Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP. She has been a regular guest here on the Podcast and because all of us know a jerk or two (or have sometimes been a jerk ourselves) Margaret is going to open up her resource toolkit for us and help us deal with the jerk on our project team.

You can listen to the Episode right here.




  1. Cornelius Fichtner sagt:16. Oktober 2008 um 23:34 (Editieren)
    Torsten, Thank you so much (both from Margaret and myself) for mentioning the interview on your blog. We appreciate the mention. It is great to see for us, that the interview is reaching a wide audience and that is is in fact helping people to deal with difficult people on their project teams.

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