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Octoberfest ... Brisbane


 Ocotber fest Brisbane

Usually i would have written another post this afternoon, how ever it has to wait, we are now off to the october fest, yes, here in Brisbane. This year with VIP tables and 1Liter Steins. I know that heeps of project and programme managers are going to be around and will be at our table. So for $75 per seat we will enjoy the German music and the lederhosen of course. There probably wont be any fotos but may be some stories to tell.

Update: After the first evening.

I must say, it October fest has dramatically improved compared to the one last year. Great, people, great atmosphere, great music, good beer unfortunately due to whatever kind of regulations the "Steins" where just half Steins in plastic mugs and $75 dollars have been a little to expensive for a food platter, a half stein and a schnaps. How ever the party was great and definitely for some Germans who want to get homesick and Aussie that want to learn about the German culture worth going for. Some shots below:


The Tent including a sense of atmosphere

Brisbane October fest tent 

One full table waiting for food and drinks

Table waiting for food and drinks 

A boy with two ladies at least 6 foot 11 in height.


Two loadies enjoying themselves





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