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Mission 12 - 35 - 23

My last Triathlon was about 13 years ago. Somewhere in the middle of Germany and I almost got lost at a long hill. 13 years and some intensive training later  its another 2 days until I face my next one. 


After running the Gold Coast Halfmarathon about 4 month ago and finished in 1 hour 47 minutes, hiking the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra of California (250 Miles, 46.000 feet ascend, in 21 days) its now time to face the next challenge.

Bribie Triathlon

Bribie Triathlon at Bribie Island, 750 Meter Swim, 20 K Cycling and 10 K Running. Some of you might think, what kind of distance is that. Yes, half of the Olympic distance .... and all of that .... as a preperation for the Big Noosa Triathlon 2 weeks later. On what kind of a mission im in on this one .... I will come back later on that based on the result of this weekend.
And then there is the series that I might buy into depending on ... exactly ... this weekend.

Bribie Triathlon Series

Rob Murdoch, a former colleqe has talked me into this whole thing. So I was training hard and looking forward to the challenge in 2 days time.



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