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How to present the ZEN way

I wrote a lot about the "Presentation Zen" approach in former posts. My Keynote at the IQPC Project Risk Management conference earlier this year was based on that approach. Now Garr Reynolds the Author of that book "Presentation Zen" and Presentation Guru (at least perceived like that on the audience and by his follower) offers a free webinar on that topic.


On Monday, December 15 I will be giving a free live webcast for Safari Books Online. The time is 2:00pm on the west coast of the US, 5:00pm on the east coast. (This will be Tuesday, December 16 at 7:00am for me here in Japan.) Wherever you are around the world I hope you can join live as there will be a chance to ask questions.

So what does this mean for us Aussies:

  • Brisbane: Tuesday, December 16, at 08am in the morning
  • Sydney: Tuesday, December 16, at 09am in the morning
  • Adelaide: Tuesday, December 16, at 0830am in the morning
  • Canberra: Tuesday, December 16, at 09am in the morning
  • Perth: Tuesday, December 16, at 07am in the morning

Garr will structure the presentation in a different way, he will talk about How to Think Like a Designer (and why it matters).

The applications of the items I discuss will focus on presentations, particularly presentations that are given with the aid of slideware, but the ideas can be applied to other types of presentations and even other types of disciplines such as web design and professional communications of all types.

So go and have a look, learn and read the full article here.



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