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How to convince thousands of people worldwide to dance with you

There is a guy called Matt, travelling around the world attracting and convincing people to dance with him in front of famous places and locations. Some of you might have seen this video that is the outcome of his journey. Viewed by almost 30 Million people there are some key lessons we can learn from the "Making of ...".

Watch the video first.

In the following Video below Matt describes the "Making of" in 5 minutes and 15 slides. He is explaining how he started the idea, how it developed and how he was able with the help of his girlfriend to attract people all over the world to dance with him. He planned it all upfront and found models for different cultures and age groups. He also explains why the second take was always the good one.

And then see what happens after his presentation ... Unbelievable.

It shows how things can be planned in advance with a different, intelligent and creative approach and how a great outcome can be presented as a video plus in a short presentation.




  1. Margot sagt:9. Dezember 2008 um 1:28 (Editieren)
    Love his little jig - what an inspiring story. I need to get a blog!

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