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Honestly Agile - Jochen Krebs

NExt talk at the PMI Project Zone Congress its about Agile. A topic that is buzzing at the moment. Lot's of conferences do have that topic on their agenda at the moment.

How ever, Looking at the basic principles, Jochen Krebs, a German Agile Enthusiast, explains the key elements you have to look into, when applying agile or transition into agile principles in your organization.


Here are the key facts that have resonated on me:

- Agile is a journey, not a destination - You can not go from other approaches towards agile in a day or two. There is more to it.

- Agile is 'Easy to Explain but Hard to DO! - So if your are going down that path, something you need to consider, its not going to be a walk in the park. Go Hard and go tough and do not give up.

- Do not try to outsource from agile to waterfall, it will not work.

- It might be that 4 + 1 != (is not) 5 - Especially when you think about outsourcing. cost benefits and productivity benefits might not be the result you are expecting.

- People and the team need to empowered and allowed to make decisions on their own. No Micromanagement from the management.

- Making Tradition mess Breaking Tradition. While every 'papst' from know on will resign instead of dying while doing something important ?

He loves agile no doubt.

Look at the sketchnote to find out more:

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