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Great Bookstore in Brisbane

After I struggled a lot recently to get the right books without ordering them via amazon and have to pay the high shipping costs beside waiting 4 to 6 weeks if you not want to spend a fortune, I usually pay a visit at borders in Brisbane CBD.


However, today I had a meeting in the City at Queen Street and walked back to my bike and came across McGills Book Store at 307 Queen Street. 

One of the reviews at Google says ...

Books for the professional‎ - WCities‎

... For over five years this has been the city's undisputed leader in technical and specialist books. Upon entering, the first thing that may come to mind is the feeling that you have ...‎

Has been really a shame that I didnt come across that great source earlier. Almost 2 years in Brisbane now ...

For me the prices seemed to be a little over the average mark, all the retail prices are 'overmarked' with their own label and its hard to see the original retail price. However, sometimes the time is crticial and its great to be able to read a book when you need it. Also impressive the friendly and helpful staff in the store.

I have seen books in the area of Marketing, Law, Business, Management, Leadership, Computer Technology (Operationsystems, Programming Languages etc.), Accounting and Finance and a great source of Books in Project Management.

So go and make sure you check out this great source your own View Map

Or make sure you visit the online store at www.mcgills.com.au



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