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Free Project Management Method

Everybody knows project methods that are very good but you need to pay for them and purchase the whole lot or bits and pieces online, like the MPMM (Method123 Project Management Method), which i already bought some templates from just recently. They are great to get ideas and improve your toolbox that you would go back to if you need something specific and tailored to your current or a new environment.


Just came across this free Project Method available on the internet.

The Monash Univsersity, based in Victoria (Australia, for the foreign readers), has published their PM Method which is being saved under their staff section.

The Method Guideline can be found here, and then their are heaps of templates, structured and free to download right here plus some comprehensive examples.

And a check list can be found here.

Whether it is allowed to use them or not is not clearly stated, how ever the website is protected under copyright. I will contact them to see what they are up to.

Looks like a fair approach and definitely something to get ideas from for your own method or to improve an existing one.



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