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Confessions of a public speaker, or ...

... how to speak in front of an non existing audience or in an empty room.


Just arrived at the conference center in Orlando, Florida, for the NASA Project Management Challenge and Conference one day ahead of the game and registered. Beside that, all the rooms were set up already and equipped, but empty. So I took the chance to sneak into my room that I am going to speak in tomorrow. Small projector wall (not seen on the picture and 200 spare seats. How ever, 950 people attending, aprx. 15 parallel streams (average of 60 to 70 participants for each presentation) and about 140 to 150 presentations during the day.

This is the room I am presenting in

Confession of a public speaker

and this is the benchmark, the Carribean Ballroom where the keynotes are taking place. May be next time.




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