2008-09-30 0 1118

Busy day in CBD

After spending two days at home organizing a conference i scheduled most of my meetings this week in Brisbane CBD on Wednesday, which is tomorrow.


I start of with meeting Neil Glentworth (www.glentworth.com) a great Project Manager and Consultant i got introduced to at the Executive Lunch with John Thorp . We will have a chat about his work at Queensland Government and his new challenges he will face shortly.

After meeting Neil i will get together with Carla Simpson, a Project Manager and Team Leader at Queensland Government to discuss the principals how to select good PMs from a pile of CVs and Resumes and after the interviews. Going to be interesting approaches and ideas to be shared. Is a PMP a criteria or is it the stomache or the length of the CV provided, we will see.

Catching up with Carla and a coffee is followed by Lunch with Graham Scott. Graham has done a great presentation at the PMOZ 2008 conference this year in Melbourne but ran out of time. A case study he was using looking into the Space Shuttle Meltdown during the Landing Approach (I guess 2003) and drilling into the fact that missing relationships have been one cause of the desaster. Graham is scheduled to do a presentation at the PMI Chapter Meeting in November, and believe me, we will grant him the time he deserves, as he is a fantastic speaker.

After meeting Graham i might see Craig Johnson from Hypersystems International to discuss a Consultancy Brief issued. Some interesting work that needs to be done and is coming up. Cant talk more about it, how ever, market experts might know what i am talking about. Meeting is not firm yet, so i might end up with my favourite way of 'wasting time' by browsing the Business and Management Book section at Borders. So if you have nothing to do, just give me a call under 04 8848 0801 and lets have a coffee at Gloria Jeans.

After browsing the books or meeting some great new or known people (call me) i will get together with Andrew Pieron, the QLD & NT State Manager of 'cliftons'. We will talk about the growth of his business here in Brisbane but also Queensland and how Cliftons is able to support almost every request in any city based on partnerships, as well as about the new 24th floor that has been opened with a big party this year in March, which provides great venues and facilities for all sorts of meetings, trainings and conferences. TJTV will tell you more later on.

After checking out the new promisses at Cliftons I will meet with Richard Egelstaff. Richard has done a great presentation in the last Chapter Meeting (September) and we will discuss and resolve some outstanding questions. What kind of education should certified PMPs focus on to take the next step. This will be recorded on Video and published in my TJTV section later on as this is the most pressing question. We also going to discuss his involvement in the conference I am currently organising (more on that in a couple of days).

Meeting with him will lead me into the final commitment tomorrow, which is the PMI Queensland Chapter Board Meeting. Some interesting decisions to be made and new intiatives to be launched.



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