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Applications that make it .... Wikitude

Here in Australia the iPhone is pretty new. Just being introduced a couple of month ago with according to the iPhone 3G introduction and almost a year later than in other countries like the US.


So I am still approached and asked by others about my iPhone that i bought after my John Muir Trail spending almost 4 weeks outside the civilisation. Yes, its a phone and it does other things really smart and the user interface is mind blowing and setting new standards.

How ever, what really makes it, are the almost 10.000 Applications available for this device and many more hit the AppStore every day.

Google has just recently introduced the Mobile Operating System Android and the first phone has been introduced, the G1. Of course only available in America so far.

This is another application that is a real killer. Look at the video and you understand what I am saying. These are the applications that will rule the mobil market.

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