Project Leadership – Lessons from 40 PPM Experts on Making the Transition from Project Management to Project Leadership
Sponsored durch atTask und veröffentlicht im Mai 2014
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40 Projektmanagement-Eperten weltweit erzählen, wie sie es schaffen, ihre Projekte nicht mehr zu managen, sondern tatsächlich zu führen: “Project Leadership – Lessons from 40 PPM Experts on Making the Transition from Project Management to Project Leadership” heißt das Titel des E-Books.

Co-Autoren des E-Books sind unter anderen Peter Taylor, Todd C. Williams, Glen B. Alleman und Geoff Crane, allesamt ausgewiesene Meister ihres Fachs, Bestseller-Autoren und Key Note Speaker. Dass ich in die Reihe der Co-Autoren eingeladen wurde und ebenfalls meine Gedanken zum Thema beitragen durfte, hat mich sehr gefreut und geehrt!


Strong project leadership can make the difference between success and failure but is surprisingly elusive to many businesses.

When it comes to project management, we tend to talk about the tactical—the assignments, the tasks, the approvals, and so on. But business is evolving, and many project teams are now being asked to lead change, instead of just timelines and milestones. This evolution is accelerating and is driven by fresh thinking and business necessity supported by advanced technologies that are highly accessible to a much broader range of contributors. Effectively managing work is no longer just the role of a few specialists.

At AtTask, we’ve been both witnessing and enabling this trend for many years. It’s the reason our strategic focus goes beyond helping clients better manage projects. Our Enterprise Work Management solution allows them to view work in a holistic way—providing complete visibility across not just projects, but the entire lifecycle of work.

With visibility comes transparency, confidence, and ultimately, the power to lead. Decisions no longer need to be made with out-of-date and incomplete information, resources can be truly optimized, and productivity materially improved.

We hope you’ll find the collective wisdom captured in this eBook to be a source of insight and best practice as you continue your own journey to be a project leader.

Eric Morgan - AtTask CEO