High Performance Leadership

Third keynote coming up on ‘High Performance Leadership’ by Lars Sudmann. Lots of stuff has been written and talked about leadership in the last decades. How ever, its always good to get new perspectives and impulses to reflect that topic in a different way.

Lars gave us 5 plus 1 principals on Leadership and he started with the last on, Number 6, the Fundamentals:

6) ‘The 21st century is a very bad time to be a Control Freak’, supported by arguments like social networking and Tablets and Smart Phones as the media types in our hand, its hard to control people because they work with the power of the masses. Its on against all.

1) Envision – To show people the target and to highly motivate them (this is another principal as such)  you have to show them whats possible. To Do that, he reflected on the Story telling principal and gave us the 6 steps to story telling used by PIXAR:

  • Once upon a time there was …
  • Every day …
  • One day …
  • Because of that …
  • Because of that …
  • Until finally …

Powerful and true. And supports the key argument -> ‘Start with Why !”

2) Enroll – To get others buy in into the process or project you should or have to use and get 21st century communication feedback, whether its by email, Phone, Blog or Video. How ever, for me its the personal reflection on the vision to engage. And 21st century feedback for me is still personal one not via a media.

3) Enabling – Be a coach to others and to your team, by asking two simple questions:
– What could you do?
– What else?

Thats what its all about :-) So praise often and be good to your people.

4) Motivate – ‘Good attitude spreads as well as bad -> Keep it good’. Be role model in what you do and how you do it. By acting with a good attitude (how you define that is up to you) your attitude will spread :-)

5) Implement – Key projects do fail because of decisions not been taken, so you need to work on your decision making process by ‘Installing the Devil’s advocate position’. Somebody in your team has to be the ‘Neee’ candidate, the one that is asking the hard questions and could be negative about several topics.

Interesting and very engaging talk, new impulses and of course a lesson in sketch note taking :-)

IMG 4645

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Torsten J. Koerting

Torsten J. Koerting is a project management-, paragliding- and Outdoor Enthusiast, Consultant, Author of several books and engaged as a speaker at many conferences. As Managing Partner at projectyzer he is specialised in supporting companies and organisations in reinventing their strategy as well as turning projects around that are in trouble. He worked in Europe, US and Australia for more than 20 years for global Blue Chips. He does hold the German and Australian Citizenship and lives with his wife and two kids between Europe and Australia. He is also a certified Bank Clerk, Executive Bachelor and Project Management Professional (PMI) and used to be Board Member of the PMI Queensland Chapter (Australia).

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