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As i am still working on the final templates and adjustment for the comprehensive newsletter service that I am using to get the useful blog posts out to my subsribers I had to us a plain text message to update everybody on what has happened so far.
There have been some spam messages over the last two weeks as i was testing and putting the service together. So over the next couple of days I will be finalizing the header for the blog to get rid of the green and give it some personality and also the style sheet I am using to keep you up to date.
I YOU would like to be updated weekly whats happening in Project Land then sign up in the top right corner of this blog and hope can take advantage of whats been posted.
So for the ones who havent signed up for the newsletter this is the message that has been sent.
The last two weeks have been pretty exciting.


After attending the IQPC Project Risk Management Conference with all my duties that came with it I looked back on that great event.


After a big day last Wednesday in Brisbane CBD i had to look back to an inspiring conversation with Carla Simpson around the principals in hiring a Project Manager. Pretty interesting thoughts have been shared by us and have been reflected in one of my posts.


Hidden Agendas are most used in politics, as I came across that terminology in a different environment I had to do some research on that to enlighten my mind.


Beside that Tasmania release a comprehensive approach for “Outcome Realisation” within a special Compilation. If you are interested, just download the various templates and guidelines from there website.


And last but not least I did another interview for TJTV, my video section where I talk to “Leaders in Project Management”. This time I spoke to Andrew Pierron, the QLD & NT State Manager of Cliftons. Cliftons provides facilities for training, events, project offices and other occasions. But just listen to Andrew himself about his Past, Current and Future look at Cliftons in Brisbane.


Thats it for now and intersting topics are coming up for this week. We will look into the Newsletters published by the PMI Chapter across the nation, some answers from Richard Egelstaff for PM Education and my keynote at the IQPC Conference and the challenges that came with it in compiling the presentation and actually presenting it.


Enjoy and talk to you soon and see you in the Blog.


Torsten (TJ)
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Torsten J. Koerting

Torsten J. Koerting is a project management-, paragliding- and Outdoor Enthusiast, Consultant, Author of several books and engaged as a speaker at many conferences. As Managing Partner at projectyzer he is specialised in supporting companies and organisations in reinventing their strategy as well as turning projects around that are in trouble. He worked in Europe, US and Australia for more than 20 years for global Blue Chips. He does hold the German and Australian Citizenship and lives with his wife and two kids between Europe and Australia. He is also a certified Bank Clerk, Executive Bachelor and Project Management Professional (PMI) and used to be Board Member of the PMI Queensland Chapter (Australia).

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