PMI Chapter Meetings in September

Allright, what do we get out of this (September 2008) month PMI chapter meetings across Australia:

Perth, Western AustraliaWednesday September 10th 2008, 06:00pm: 
Acting Superintendent Lance Martin, Program Director – Communications Infrastructure Program, Western Australia Police
Mr Brian Considine PMP, Associate Director – (Program Manager – Communications Infrastructure Program), Fujitsu Australia Pty Ltd
The Police Metropolitan Radio Network project was commissioned on schedule and on budget in December 2006, and has now been successfully rolled out to all police users across the 10000 km2 coverage area. The speakers will provide an overview of the project, focussing on some of the key project management challenges encountered how the challenges were overcome. In particular it will outline, how the PM team successfully incorporated the management of risk into the procurement cycle to lay the foundations for a successful implementation; provide an overview of the key lessons learnt and how they will be applied to future projects undertaken by the Program; describe how the implementation managed the business change to provide measurable benefits to WAPOL.

Adelaide, no further information on the website

Melbourne, Tuesday September 30th 2008, 06:00pm:
Lloyd L. Carter, Consultant, SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd
Development of ISO 21500 Guide to Project Management
In recent years there has been a proliferation of sector specific standards worldwide which have had no overarching standard to set the generic principles and procedures of Project Management globally. In addition these standards have had no common vocabulary or processes that could be referenced by the global project management community resulting in different definitions and interpretations. This standard will provide a common platform which will become a reference point for all project management professionals and hence facilitate knowledge transfer and the harmonization of principles, vocabulary and processes in existing and future standards.

Canberra, September:
Better Practice Guide 

Sydney, Wednesday September 17th, 07:30 am:
Eleri Morgan Thomas
Women in Project Management
Eleri’s talk will reflect on the challenges (and excitement) of managing projects in a community services environment where every dollar spent on infrastructure is one that isn’t spent on a client. The workforce is predominantly female and their focus is primarily on the delivery of services to clients. At the end of the day, every project managed in Mission Australia has to demonstrate real value for money and value for effort across the board. 

Brisbane, Wednesday September 17th, 06:00 pm:
Richard Egelstaff
A Review of Project Management Education in the UK, USA and Australia
In this presentation Richard Egelstaff will explore different levels of education relating to project management.  The presentation is designed to help anyone contemplating recognition or seeking qualification as a project manager.  Richard will explain how private providers, such as PMI or AIM compare to formal education institutions, such as TAFE and University.  He will also discuss the ideas behind competency or employment based qualifications as compared to academic qualifications.  In this respect, the qualification trends in the UK, USA and Australia with particular emphasis on project management learning and employment is explored. 
If you are thinking of gaining a formal education in project management in Australia at either an undergraduate or post graduate degree level then this presentation will save you hours of research and guide you towards the best education solutions for you.

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Torsten J. Koerting

Torsten J. Koerting is a project management-, paragliding- and Outdoor Enthusiast, Consultant, Author of several books and engaged as a speaker at many conferences. As Managing Partner at projectyzer he is specialised in supporting companies and organisations in reinventing their strategy as well as turning projects around that are in trouble. He worked in Europe, US and Australia for more than 20 years for global Blue Chips. He does hold the German and Australian Citizenship and lives with his wife and two kids between Europe and Australia. He is also a certified Bank Clerk, Executive Bachelor and Project Management Professional (PMI) and used to be Board Member of the PMI Queensland Chapter (Australia).

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